Great Tech Gadgets That Men Should Own Today

Living a non-tech life is unimaginable today as many of our daily activities are performed via tech gadgets. But you can’t be blamed for this. Technology has made our lives exceptionally easier and has enabled us to achieve more than what we once thought of.

The tons of responsibilities on our shoulders drive us from home to office and ten other places in a single day. With routines like these, we do need an extra hand and there is nothing bad if we get one from a programmed device.

Here are five gadgets that every man must own today. Whether is for your husband, dad or brother, these are something you can consider getting for them for their birthday or the coming Christmas.

1.    The Key Finder

No matter how careful we are, cursing our phones and keys at least once a day for hiding away in a parallel universe is mandatory. But with a key finder, you’ll not be bothered about it for at least two years.

A key finder introduced by Chipolo is a small circular object made up of recycled fishing nets that runs on a replaceable battery. you can use them to find anything that easily goes missing in your household. You can attach it to your keys like a keychain, with your phone, and even with your cat’s caller. Once done you’ll need to download the Chipolo app on your smartphone and track the object.

It requires Bluetooth to connect with a good range. A good Christmas gift for brother or dad, whenever something goes missing, you can ring the Chipolo from its apps, making it a loud sound.

2.    The Run And Fitness Tracker

There is a new step tracker in town that offers a lot more features than a sporty smartwatch. Fitness smartwatches have been a great help in maintaining a healthy physique by tracking your footsteps, heart rate, and other metrics during physical activity. However, if you want to go a little deeper into your fitness performance then you need to check out Nurvv Run.

Nurvv Run are smart insoles that can be inserted into the running shoes and connected to your mobile phone’s GPS. Once set up, you can hit the track and obtain detailed data of your entire run. It includes foot strike, pronation, balance, cadence, and a lot more. It will help you maintain good overall fitness performance and prevent injury.

3.    Wireless Battery Charges

Imagine being in the middle of a raged conversation with your boss and your mobile battery going dead all of a sudden. You won’t even know if you are still employed or should start looking for another job. To avoid such situations, there are wireless battery charges widely available in the markets these days. They are a must-have for travelers and people away from their houses for long hours. It is also an important gadget for gamers to keep their devices running throughout the game.

4.    Wireless Headphones

If you are constantly annoyed by your headphone cords, your prayers have been answered. Now we have powerful and robust wireless headphones and earbuds. They are highly compatible and equally reliable. Plus, there is a large price range so you easily find one that suits your budget.