Finding the Perfect Cast Iron Freestanding Tub

Home remodeling is a very popular trend due to the saturation of home makeover shows on television. Although there is only so much one can do to a living or bedroom, the bathroom has multiple possibilities. For those homeowners who have the extra space and want to add a spectacular focal point, installing a Cast Iron Freestanding Tub can turn a bland bathroom into a majestic getaway.

Tubs Available for All Shapes and Sizes

Cast iron tubs come in a variety of shapes and styles. Homeowners can opt for the traditional slipper tub with claw feet and a scorched finish, a freestanding white pedestal tub that is double-ended with the faucet in the center, or a double slipper clawfoot tub with a gooseneck faucet. The tubs are also available in a variety of lengths and depths so that people of all heights and weights can enjoy without feeling like they don’t quite fit.

Installation Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge

People interested in a cast iron tub don’t necessarily have to worry about rerouting their plumbing just to make one fit. The design of these tubs leaves the plumbing completely visible, eliminating the need to tear up the floor or walls to access or hide the plumbing. As long as the home’s plumbing access is in the same general area as the openings on the tub, a DIY homeowner or hired plumber can easily route the plumbing without it becoming a major construction project. Some models even come with a freestanding faucet package that only requires connecting the drain to the tub.

A Cast Iron Tub Exists for Every Budget

Some homeowners shy away from cast iron tubs because they are under the impression that the cost will far exceed their budget. Although they can be pricey, many online retailers carry a vast inventory of cast iron tubs that span a fairly decent price range. People with a sizable budget can go for the more eccentric tubs that incorporate platinum flourishes while more reserved individuals can search through a large selection of reasonably priced tubs that add just as much visual splendor to the bathroom.